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In pursuit of world-class technologies and products

At T.E.M. Incorporated (TEM), our mission is to always provide the latest world-class technologies and products to customers in the optical-equipment industry, an industry where technical innovation proceeds rapidly.


    Our mission is to provide the latest Western, laser-related products to customers in Japan’s optical-equipment industry in a timely and high-quality manner. To accomplish that mission, we at TEM continually meet the needs of customers by drawing on our solid customer-support system and high technical skills.
    In particular, we place an emphasis on resolving the quality problems and support difficulties that often represent risks when a company is putting into operation products made overseas. We possess the systems and technology necessary so that customers can put these products into operation with peace of mind, and we continually draw on our systems and technology to meet the needs of customers.


    At our technical center, we do everything necessary so that our customers can use foreign-made products with peace of mind, from maintaining an inventory of products and inspecting products on arrival to inspecting outgoing shipments, providing technical-development support, and carrying out follow-up service.
    We also continuously research the latest technologies and products, and we are therefore able to propose products that meet the market’s needs.


Company name T.E.M. Incorporated
Address (Head Office)
3F ONEST Kanda Square, 17 Kandakonyacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL: +81-3-3258-0611 FAX:+81-3-3258-0633

4th Floor, Azuma-cho 7-6, Hachioji City, Tokyo
Founded October 6, 1986
Business contents
  • Import / export / domestic sales and development / prototyping / manufacturing of physics and chemistry equipment such as optical measuring instruments, laser beam generating equipment and their parts
  • All business incidental to the previous issue
Capital 50,000,000 YEN
Fiscal Year End of December
Officer Chairman YASUO SHIINA
President amp; CEO Hiroshi Hatakeyama
Employees 53
Laser scanning
Galvano scanner, high speed polygon scanner / scan head, MEMS scanner with large aperture mirror, software / controller for laser marking, fθ lens, optical mirror, beryllium products
Light source
Fiber laser, medium infrared laser, semiconductor laser, small YAG laser with microscope, laser line generator / laser pointer, semiconductor laser driver TEC controller, high speed analog modulation LD module (@ 450 nm W class), Telecom Amplifiers
Measurement / analysis
Portable OCT System, Small Laser Raman System, High Speed ••Digitizer, Laser Interferometer, Hotline Cable Monitor / Tester, LAN · Coaxial · Telephone Wire Cable Tester, Ultra Small Spectrophotometer, Sample Storage Cooler, Automatic Sample Drop Tracking · Recording system, blue LED · UV transilluminator
Optics / Fiber
Grating, compensation optical system, optical fiber, Protective Windows, Optomechanics, Custom Optics and Optical Coating, Laser Processing Head, various optical products
Main Suppliers Cambridge Technology, Lincoln Laser, Sercalo Microtechnology, Lanmark Controls, Special Optics, Hardric Laboratories, IPG Photonics, HOYA CANDEO OPTRONICS, Sumita Optical Glass, OsTech electro-optical-instruments, Fibotec Fiberoptics, Wasatch Photonics, Keysight Technology / Acqiris Japan, MBDA Precision Solutions, Livewire Innovation, T3 Innovation, Maestrogen, Unice E-O Services, Pleiger Laser Optics, Empower
Main customers Panasonic Group, Olympus Corporation, Omron Corporation, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., Canon Inc., Nikon Corporation, Universities · National Laboratories
Bank Mitsubishi UFJ Bank / Kanda Ekimae Branch, Mizuho Bank / Shinjuku Branch, Resona Bank / Kanda Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Kanda Branch


October 6, 1986 Established with a capital of 6 million yen. At the Shinjuku 2 - chome, Shinjuku 2 - chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, engaged in sales of equipment, parts and systems related to laser
December 20, 1999 Yasuo Shiina is appointed Representative Director
September 26, 2011 Technical Center relocated to Azuma-cho 7-2 in Hachioji, Tokyo
May 24, 2012 Acquired ISO 9001/14001 certification (companywide)
December 25, 2012 Moved its headquarters to Kanda Konya cho 17 in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo for business expansion
October 31, 2013 Hiroshi Hatakeyama is appointed Representative Director